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Best Bitcoin Casino List 2020


Bitcoin is the world's first virtual decentralized currency that does not belong to anyone and is not under power. You can pay for practically anything with its help. Bitcoin exists only in the network, but it can be easily exchanged for any currency, such as dollars, euros, pounds, and so on.


The most unique thing about Bitcoin is that it is both a currency and a payment system. This means that there is no need to pay intermediaries a fee for transfers of money between the wallets. This technology is called p2p (peer-to-peer).


Its creator and developer is Satoshi Nakamoto, who in 2008-2009 first told the world about cryptocurrency based on Blockchain. No information has been revealed about him to this day.


The main feature of Bitcoins is the lack of a central network administrator, which means that this currency is completely decentralized. The sent transfer cannot be returned in any way - therefore, any errors in the sending addresses are unacceptable.


All payments here are completely anonymous. There is a common base of all transactions made using the Blockchain technology, where in the public domain you can see where exactly the funds went and from which wallet. However, the available information ends there. No one knows who owns the wallet and where it is located geographically.


Due to the fact that each transaction in the Blockchain network must be confirmed by other network participants, it is impossible to fake any kind of transfer in Bitcoins. In order for money to get from one address to another, you need network confirmation. It’s impossible to fake a translation, unless you have such a powerful computer that has a capacity exceeding 50% of the entire network, and these are millions of computers around the world.


What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Gambling


This section is entirely devoted to the best Bitcoin casinos collected from different parts of the Internet. It was created so that it would be easier for everyone to understand where, how and what is better to play on the cryptocurrency that is so popular today. Here you will find many interesting guides and useful tips that will help to significantly increase the profits made from gambling in Bitcoin online casinos.


Types of Bitcoin Casinos


Bitcoins are widespread in different countries of the world. However, when it comes to interactive games, they are often inferior to more familiar currencies such as the dollar or the euro.


And it would obviously be very beneficial to find an institution that accepts only this convenient cryptocurrency as payment for the lovers of Bitcoin. There are relatively few such establishments and it is not easy to find them. However, many well-known playgrounds have made it possible to make a deposit and withdraw funds using Bitcoin in the list of available payment methods.


If the selected gambling website accepts not only Bitcoins, but also other currencies for payment, then its administration will surely ask its customers for a name and address when you will be withdrawing your funds. To verify the authenticity of the data sent, the player provides a receipt for payment for utilities or a bank statement. In any case, the verification process may vary from one institution to another.


Bitcoin casinos, which use more than one currency are often called hybrid. Such resources accept payments in Bitcoins and provide the withdrawal of winnings to the player’s account in this cryptocurrency, if necessary. But when making a deposit, an automatic conversion occurs. For example, if you deposited cryptocurrency in a hybrid account, then in any case you will have to bet in dollars or euros. And with the withdrawal of funds, a reverse conversion will occur.


Provably Fair Technology


Today, many gambling establishments use the Provably Fair technology. With its help, you can determine the degree of honesty of the game. It has been successfully used for years,  and you can test it out in a Bitcoin casino. A special hash encryption technology allows you to personally verify that the game is played on fair terms, and that the casino does not have a special overstatement.


The administration can implement this system in its work in different ways, but its general principles always remain unchanged. The concept described below is used by almost all gambling establishments. If the client wants to personally verify the honesty, then just enter the identification numbers of bets. Please note that you may need to enter some other parameter for verification. It depends on the determined working conditions of the resource itself.


Due to its reliability and speed, Provably Fair technology can rightly be called a revolutionary way of checking the integrity of the game. Each player can find out in a timely manner that an opponent has started a dishonest game, because all visitors have the right to check absolutely any bet.


Comparing the best Bitcoin casinos, where this system is implemented and successfully used with ordinary institutions is a waste of time, because Bitcoin casinos are by far better because of it.


Having studied the results of independent studies, you can see that the lack of such technology in some casinos greatly slows down the process of resolving disputes between players. Often, dozens of gamblers take part in the game and it is almost impossible to quickly verify their honesty by conventional methods. In special cases, the process is delayed for many months, and the implementation of Provably Fair technology allows you to solve such problems much faster. In addition, this technology makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of carrying out such activities.


Gambling in which Bitcoins are used can always be promptly checked for honesty by the players themselves. If a visitor suspects one of his rivals of fraud, then lengthy investigations to clarify the truth are not required. Any bet is checked almost instantly. Each gambling client should remember that opponents have the right and opportunity to get comprehensive information about their bets at any given time.


Bitcoin Licensing


Regular visitors of online casinos are accustomed to the fact that the most reliable sites always operate based on a license. Licensing requirements largely depend on the location of the site. They can differ significantly from each other depending on the country. Some countries take licensing quite strictly, while in others, the licensing process is perceived by the authorities as a condition for improving the economic situation. In the second case, there is no real supervision of the activity of gaming sites.


In regular casinos, licensing is extremely widespread, but Bitcoin-based establishments do not pay so much attention to this aspect. This does not mean an increased level of security for using Bitcoins, but is explained by the fact that this cryptocurrency is still an innovation for the gambling industry.


In practice, licensing of online Bitcoin casinos does not give the player 100% security guarantees, therefore, it should not be a determining factor when choosing. The license does not exclude disputes between players and does not accelerate their resolution. Often the outcome of a particular dispute depends entirely on the operators.


Examples are known when licensing did not save from problems with the law. For example, PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and CEREUS (Absolute Poker & amp; Ultimate Bet), at the request of the US Department of Justice, were forced to return deposits to customers for violating UIGEA. PokerStars made payments in a week, but the customers of the other two institutions had to wait a long time. The managers of Full Tilt Poker gave the money back only after three years, while CEREUS customers hoped to no avail and never received anything. This example proves that having a license reduces the likelihood of problems with the law, but cannot completely eliminate them.


Fraudsters are found in absolutely any business, meaning that visitors to Bitcoin casinos are at risk. Before making the first deposit, it is recommended to collect the maximum information by visiting specialized sites and forums. Choose institutions that have existed for more than a year and have a good reputation. Company experience and real customer reviews often mean a lot more than having a license.


How to Choose a Reliable Bitcoin Casino?


Here are the recommendations that will help beginners find a decent gambling establishment in no time.




It has already been said that legal gambling resources are licensed to carry out their activities. License information should be sought on the casino's official website. It is also important who issued the permit for the provision of services. Many Bitcoin casinos are guided by the obtained license, but there are also unlicensed ones. Therefore, the presence or absence of a license should not be a decisive criterion when choosing a casino, as you need to take into account other features.




Give preference to famous gaming platforms such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Betsoft and other industry giants. The most reliable casinos provide a full version for installation on a PC, mobile phone and an extensive set of games that can be launched right in the browser window. Everyone can see how quickly software in Bitcoin casinos develops themselves, as they are updated quite often.




By reading visitor reviews, you can find out a lot of important information. How easy was it to withdraw the funds? Are players satisfied with the range of games offered? How good are the bonuses? Is customer support friendly? Thanks to the reviews, you can choose a trustworthy institution for yourself.


The Role of Bitcoin in the World of Gambling


Users can transfer Bitcoins to each other using special addresses. They look like a sequence of numbers and letters, and their range can include from 24 to 37 different characters. In most cases, you don’t have to pay for processing operations.


If we consider the operation of an online casino, poker room or bingo resource, then the most costly aspect is the processing of payments. Visitors deposit money into their account using various types of electronic payment systems (Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller, etc.), bank account, credit or debit card. An additional commission is required for the service, the amount of which depends on the policy established by the administration.


There are also companies that do not charge additional fees. Most gambling venues cover these costs due to the large number of bets made. But in a number of casinos a duty is nevertheless a must. Most of the time you have to pay it to those who prefer to play in unregulated markets. For example, residents of the United States of America are required to give ten percent of the winnings to the state budget.


Suppose that payment processing is somehow covered by the institution itself, but no one has canceled the fees from the winnings, that is, your real profit in any case decreases. The owners are trying to compensate for these losses by holding profitable promotions and issuing incentive bonuses.


This is just one out of a hundred reasons why operators are positive about the use of cryptocurrency and the future of Bitcoin gambling. Of course, the positive factors include the fact that customers of virtual clubs can replenish their account and withdraw funds completely free of charge, because the need to pay a fee during such operations was completely eliminated. Thus, when you visit Bitcoin casinos, you can spend significantly more money on bonuses that are distributed by the administration. It is not surprising that such institutions are currently very popular. Payments at casinos offering cryptographic currency are indeed often much more generous than those of their competitors, traditional institutions.


An equally important aspect is the complete decentralization of Bitcoin online casinos. They are completely unrelated to any particular bank. This eliminates the arrest or freezing of accounts, which often happens when money is stored in a more familiar form on bank accounts. It is not easy to overestimate the importance of such an advantage in modern economic conditions. It does not really matter to those gambling enthusiasts who play exclusively in legal markets. But if the market is not regulated by the state, then the security of an open account comes to the fore. This is confirmed by the fact that in the United States in recent years, the Department of Justice has repeatedly blocked accounts not only in ordinary banks, but also in their online counterparts. Registering at Bitcoin casino allows players to forget about such problems forever and concentrate exclusively on the game process.


Each of the visitors to such an institution fully controls the current state of the game account and all operations performed with it. As a rule, the administration of a Bitcoin casino guarantees its customers absolute anonymity and the opportunity to enjoy entertainment without worry. The only type of personal data that you may need is a valid email address. This is only necessary so that the player can always recover his password. The name, address or copies of documents in the vast majority of cryptocurrency casinos are usually not required.


A Variety of Games in Bitcoin Casinos


Every year, customers of Bitcoin virtual clubs receive new profitable offers in terms of games. The gambling industry continues to actively develop in this direction, attracting new visitors with the opportunity to use this popular cryptocurrency for settlements. The assortment of games in the best Bitcoin casinos is practically no different from what traditional virtual establishments have to offer. But at the same time, the use of cryptocurrency expands the range of opportunities for the site, since the player does not need to pay taxes and duties, which is a must when you use dollars or euros. For several years, casinos have already proved an advantage over classical operators, which is expressed in many areas of the gambling business. The entire range of games offered in such institutions is conditionally divided into several large groups.


Slot Machines


Practically every single fan of gambling loves slots, and that's why Bitcoin casinos offer a huge collection of slot machines for every taste and different topics. Extensive catalogs count hundreds of generous gaming machines. Some slot machines include a progressive jackpot, which every truly gambler truly dreams. In addition, gamblers at Bitcoin casinos are attracted by really high payout percentages.


As a rule, Bitcoin casinos pay more than in other online gambling establishments and, especially, in land-based ones. On some machines, the payout percentage can go up to 99%. If you prefer slots, then playing in cryptocurrency will be the best option for you, as it provides the highest possible profit.


Bitcoin Blackjack


If slots are the most demanded and popular type of gambling, then blackjack rightfully takes the second place. On Bitcoin resources you can find several options for this exciting game at once. Visitors can choose any of the offered types of blackjack, but payouts will be higher in any case than in traditional casinos.


Bitcoin Roulette


If you want to choose a Bitcoin game with the simplest rules, then be sure to take a look at roulette. According to the table gambling rating, roulette lost the lead only to the already mentioned blackjack. At most Bitcoin Casinos you can play American roulette, European roulette, and many other variations of this amazing game. The chances of winning are also higher than in ordinary institutions. Do not be afraid to try your luck and bet on the red and black sectors.


Bitcoin Live Dealer Gamer


Recently it has become quite popular to play with live dealers. This trend was picked up on the Bitcoin market. In some casinos, visitors can play baccarat, blackjack or roulette with real croupiers. When playing a live game, all bets are made in real time and live, which gives the necessary realism. In addition, live games allow you to directly communicate with rivals and find new friends.


Bitcoin Sports Betting


Bookmakers are also not far behind technological progress, and betting fans will be certainly happy to know that you can make bets in Bitcoin. Bets in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted on sites like and There are bookmakers that accept bets not only on sports events, but also on the future course of cryptocurrencies.


Bitcoin Online Games


The community of cryptocurrency owners could not remain without the attention of computer game developers. Popular ones like Minecraft have been working with them for a long time, but Spells of Genesis was the first game that was fully focused on the Bitcoin audience.


In it, in addition to using the blockchain currency for communication between players, the in-game economy and the storyline itself are based on Bitcoin. During the game, participants acquire game objects (mines) for cryptocurrency and can exchange Bitcoin for real money with subsequent withdrawal from the system.


Another typical representative of games using Bitcoin is - a simulator of racing with obstacles with prizes in Bitcoin. The game is written in HTML5, works in all browsers, and even on a mobile. There is a starting bonus of 10,000 satoshi and a minimum of registration data to start the game.


Other Bitcoin Games


I have only listed the most popular Bitcoin games, but their range is much wider. For example, you can roll dice or participate in one of many types of lotteries. Also, do not forget about interesting arcades and video poker games.


Finest Bitcoin Casinos




This is a high-quality online Bitcoin casino. Before you play for actual cryptocurrency, you can practice playing for candy wrappers. The following games are presented in SatoshiBet: slots, roulette, blackjack, minesweeper with different chances of winning, and dice. I would like to separately note that there is an opportunity to play not only on Bitcoin, but also Dogecoin and Litecoin. Balance replenishment and payment of winnings are processed instantly.




Bitstarz is an online casino that lets you play in Bitcoins. It features more than 120 games, including 3D video slots, card games, video poker games, online lotto, jackpot slots. It is hard to find so many games elsewhere. For new players, the administration offers a welcome bonus of 100% on deposit, up to 1 BTC. In order to receive this bonus, you will need to register and replenish your balance by the desired amount. As soon as you have done that, contact the customer support, and they will add as much as you have deposited.



This is a relatively new Bitcoin casino. There are a lot off popular ways to replenish the balance and, of course, everyone’s favorite Bitcoins. All operations on depositing and withdrawing funds are processed instantly. If you want to experience exciting moments from playing games, then you won’t find a better place.




You can use the following currencies to play this online casino: Bitcoins, dollars, euros, pounds. There is a welcome bonus after registration that gives 25 spins to the slots for contact the support service via online chat in order to get them. In addition, you can get a 110% bonus on the first payment up to 1 BTC, and there is also 50% bonus for the second deposit. Megawins has a huge selection of high-quality and licensed games. There are plenty of slot machines, roulette, card games, and lottery. The site is pleasantly designed and has a friendly atmosphere. It is also adapted for smartphones.




After visiting this gaming establishment, you will be left with only bright and positive emotions. An interesting addition to this casino is the bonus. For a deposit of up to 1 bitcoin you will be given 100 free spins and many more amenities, for example, cashback on the weekend (that is, the loss is returned in parts over several days). The following currencies are presented: Bitcoin, USD, euro. And you will be able to play these games: slots, board games, blackjack, roulette, lottery tickets, and wheel of fortune. Winnings are paid instantly.




This is an online Bitcoin casino that was launched in 2016. Even in such a short period of time, it gained immense popularity among players. This is thanks to its high-quality design and a variety of online games on Bitcoins that will not leave anyone indifferent. There is also a 15% cashback on Mondays.




This online casino lets you to plunge into the exciting world of entertainment, offering more than 250 games of any kind. You can contact the customer support in a number of ways, so all of your questions will be resolved in no time.



7Bitcasino is an online Bitcoin casino, where you can not only play in BTC, but also in USD and euro. You will be able to play colorful games from the famous manufacturers.




This casino has been working since 2013. Its site has a truly unique design. And same can be said about the amount and quality off games. Here you can play slots, wheel of fortune, roulette, card games, and scratch card games.




Cloudbet is another high-quality online entertainment project from renowned developers. This online casino offers a variety of slot machines, roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and there are also live games where you can compete against live dealers. Scratch card games, sports bettings, and lotteries are also presented, making it a wonderful casino.


Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling


The active introduction of Bitcoin in the field of gambling is due to a number of significant advantages over other traditional payment systems.


  1. Absolute confidentiality. Funds from your personal electronic wallet go directly to the casino account. And it’s the same with the withdrawal of money. A third party is not involved in the process;
  2. Lack of duty on winnings, transaction fees. Deposit and withdrawal of funds is completely free, respectively, so you save a lot of money and save the full amount of your earnings;
  3. Complete decentralization of the payment system, which eliminates the risk of seizure, freezing of accounts;
  4. Direct control of the current state of the account in the online casino, as well as all operations performed.
  5. The owner of an electronic Bitcoin wallet doesn’t have to provide any personal information. All you need is an email address that acts as an analogue of an account number. Also, through the address you can restore the password if necessary.


Gambling With Other Cryptocurrencies


Although Bitcoin leads the way in payments for gambling, other cryptocurrencies are also trying to take their place on the market. Such cases are still rare. Of the alternatives, Dice LiteCoin is a dice game where Litecoin is used as a means of payment. The site was opened back in 2014. It supports manual and automatic trading, uses Provably Fair technology, and there is a version for smartphones and tablets. The casino commission is only 1%, which adds to the site’s popularity.


Altcoin is another promising sphere of gaming investments, and it will most likely develop dynamically in the next few years, especially since new cryptocurrencies appear all the time.


Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal?


Bitcoin casinos are gaining popularity due to the fact that they provide gamblers the opportunity to play anonymously and make instant money transactions. However, operators who want to open a Bitcoin casino are wondering about the legality of the cryptocurrency itself and its use for gambling. So let me explain whether Bitcoin casinos are legal.


First of all, it should be noted that there are no laws that directly prohibit or allow Bitcoin gambling. No state has determined that playing slots, roulette or poker using Bitcoin is illegal. In addition, Bitcoin gambling is not directly regulated. Based on this, the legality of a Bitcoin casino is determined by two factors:


  1. Legality of Bitcoin in a specific country;

  2. Legality of online gambling in the selected country.


Countries that prohibit or restrict online gambling:


  • Australia. Online gambling is prohibited to the people of Australia.

  • China. Online or land-based casinos are prohibited.

  • India. The online gambling industry is not developed, so there are no specific rules.

  • Israel. Online gambling is prohibited

  • Malaysia. Online casino operators cannot offer their services to residents of Malaysia.

  • Turkey. Online gambling is prohibited.

  • America. Online gambling laws vary by state and continue to change.


As for the legality of Bitcoin, the use of cryptocurrency is allowed in all countries where the gambling market is developed and attracts operators. As of today, Bitcoin is legal in 111 countries. Cryptocurrency is banned only in Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Pakistan, Qatar, the Republic of Macedonia, Saudi Arabia, Vanuatu and Vietnam.


In other cases, if the laws of a particular country do not prohibit online gambling, and the use of Bitcoin is legal, operators can legally offer Bitcoin online casino services.


How to Buy Bitcoin?


There are several ways how you acquire this cryptocurrency:


  • Using exchangers is the fastest way, requiring just registering, replenishing your account and exchanging money for bitcoins;

  • Using a burse. Here you can buy currency more profitably, just create a purchase order and expect a suitable offer;

  • Buying currency directly. In this case, you need to find a forum where the cryptocurrency is sold and agree on its purchase directly.


Thin wallet


The most convenient option for novice cryptocurrency users, since it does not require downloading all the necessary blocks to a computer. All of them are located on the server where the installed program sends the request. They are convenient when used on devices with low performance and low disk space. A few examples of such wallets:


  • MultiBit;

  • Electrum.


Thick wallet


Thick wallets must be downloaded and installed on your computer, where they will store all the blocks on your chosen drive. Their main advantage is the high level of security, but at the same time they are characterized by low usability. Also, in order to protect your keys, you will need to regularly backup them. Among these wallets are:


  • Bitcoin Core;

  • Armory.


Where to Store Bitcoins?


Crypto wallet is the best way to store digital currency for a short time. However, it is not suitable for long-term storage. The company managing the cryptocurrency wallet may lose your access keys (many cryptocurrency wallets store keys on the developer's server) and you will not be able to log into your own wallet. Another problem is that the server with keys and your computer might be hacked.


Any of these options will have very sad consequences: if you lose your cryptocurrency, you can not restore it in any way.


For long-term storage of cryptocurrencies, it is much safer to use сold wallets also known as offline wallets. One of the options for this type of wallet is a hardware wallet - an encrypted USB drive where you can store Bitcoin keys without access to the Internet.


Another option for safe storage is a paper wallet, which is nothing but good old paper with keys printed on it.


Whichever option you choose, it is best to make a copy and store it in a separate safe place.

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